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  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply
  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply
  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply
  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply
  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply
  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply
  • ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply

ZR-120W CO2 laser power supply

1. The air cooling CO2 power supply has open circuit function, a good grounding in the case of protection, the 120watt CO2 power supply has short-term work in the open state, so to avoid the laser tube burst due to the damage caused by air cooling CO2 power supply, thereby enhancing black color power supply of life.

2.Control is simple: The green signal block CO2 power supply selects high or low level control, the use of TTL-level control makes the laser power start and stop quickly. At the same time, the air cooling CO2 power supply adds the protection switch, testing is through the external water and ventilation.

3.Good compatibility:

The 120watt CO2 power supply can match with most 120-130watt CO2 laser tube. Also this green signal block CO2 power supply has a strong adaptability and quick response on engraving and cutting.

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1.This analog signal Laser Power Source has easy control: The 120w Laser Power Source uses high or low level for control. The use of TTL-level control can realize start and stop quickly. At the same time the HV Laser Power Source has a protection switch, testing is made by external water and ventilation

2.The analog signal Laser Power Source has very good protection feature: The 120watt Laser Power Source has open circuit protection to make this HV Laser Power Source works for a short time in the open state, so as to make it avoid the laser tube broken.

3.The  laser power control is simple, the 220v Laser Power Source can uses 0-5V analog signal or PWM signal for laser power control.

4.This 220vLaser Power Source has stable working performance: Each 120w Laser Power Source has been much more testing procedures and under full load high temperature (52~55 degrees celsius) 24 hours of aging, which ensure the stability of each CO2 laser power source.

5.The 120w Laser Power Source selects ordinary H/L/P/G/IN/5V port to receive control signal. And black steel outside shell is used on this analog signal Laser Power Source.

6. The 120w Laser Power Source has good compatibility : This HV Laser Power Source can drive EFR,Yongli, SPT,Weiju and other brand 1450mm,1400mm or 1500mm  120Watt glass laser tube,besides this feature, the Hv Laser Power Source also has strong adaptability and fast response, engraving or cutting benefits good effect.





Input voltage

AC220V±10% (AC110V specified while order)

AC frequency


Maximum input power


Maximum input current



Maximum output voltage


Maximum output current


(depending on the laser tubes of different manufacturers)


More than 90% (Full load)

Response speed

Not more than 1ms

Control lnterace

TTL multilevel switching control,effective level can be high and low selection (see control wining diagram)



AC 1500V 1 minutes not more than 10mA


AC 1500V 1 minutes not more than10mA



Open Circuit Protection

Can be short circuit (requires a good grounding shell,while avoiding the positive electrode and the shell between the arc)

Environmental Requested

Working temperature


Storage of temperature


Relative Humidity

Maximum 85%RH (non-condensing)


100,000 feet of work

200,000 feet of storage,dose not work

Cooling methods

Forced air cooling (fan cooling)

Dimensions (LxWxH)



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