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How to apply certifications for South Korea market

  • source:Jinan Ruby Laser Technology Co., Ltd
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  • time:2023-05-15 10:40:31

How to apply certifications for South Korea market

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Laser engraving machine is also called laser engraving equipments in Taiwan, China, China. As its name implies, laser engraving machines are also called laser engraving equipments in Taiwan, China, China. As its name implies, it is a kind of CO2 laser engraving equipment that uses laser to carve materials to be carved. Laser engraving can improve the efficiency of carving, making the surface of the carved area smooth and round, quickly reducing the temperature of the non-metallic material being carved, and reducing the deformation and internal stress of the carved object


Classification and principles of laser engraving machines:

1. The principle of a laser engraving machines: The CO2 laser engraving machine generates laser light through a laser, which is transmitted by a transmitting mirror and irradiated onto the processed material through a focusing mirror, causing the modified point to melt and vaporize rapidly at high temperature. The cutting effect is achieved by moving the laser head.

2. Classification of laser engraving machines: metal laser engraving machines and non-metal laser engraving machines.


(1) Classification of metal laser engraving machines: metal fiber marking machines and metal fiber co2 laser engraving machines.

(2) Classification of non-metallic co2 laser engraving machines: CO2 glass tube laser engraving machines and metal RF tube laser engraving machines.


Precautions for using a laser engraving machine:

1. During the processing of laser engraving system machines, there may be high temperatures, so it is necessary to prevent fires. As a staff member, one cannot leave their job position first;

2. Only materials within the specified range can be processed;

3. Do not place any irrelevant objects on the countertop, and the countertop needs to be cleaned in a timely manner.

Compared to traditional manual carving methods, laser carving can also achieve very delicate carving effects, no less than the level of manual carving technology, and has been applied in many industries. It is precisely because laser engraving machines have so many advantages that the application of laser engraving machines has gradually replaced traditional engraving equipment and methods. Becoming the main eagleL

Laser carving equipment. Common laser engraving machine brands include: Longtai, Huatian, Jingwei, Jiujiu Seiko, Jiatie, Jingdiao, Senfeng, Ende, Woodpecker engraving machine, and Han's Yue Ming.

Data shows that the production of laser equipment in China has rapidly increased from 55800 units in 2016 to 201900 units in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 29.33% during this period. In recent years, benefiting from national policies and the increasing application market, China's laser industry has gradually entered a period of rapid development. According to statistics, the size of China's laser equipment market reached 74 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 6.94%.

So, what is the overseas sales market for such a popular laser engraving machine product in China? We opened Amazon to check and exclaimed that the sales volume of laser engraving machine products has surpassed that of domestic products, so how should domestic laser engraving machine products be exported to the world's largest market, the United States.


Faced with the increasingly popular global cross-border e-commerce market, there are many products in the hands of small partners, which are indeed good. There are also many small partners who consult Xiaoyi. What certification is required for laser engraving machine products exported to the United States?

Introduction to KC Certification in South Korea

KC Safety is a mandatory certification requirement in the Korean market, and all electric energy drive products (live products) sold in the Korean market must obtain KC Safety certification in order to be legally sold. It is recommended that brand owners and manufacturers apply for KC Safety certification through Yilian Testing before export to ensure smooth customs clearance of products in South Korea.


The process of applying for KC Safety certification for electronic products in Yilian Testing is as follows:

1. The applicant provides product parameter information and confirms the quotation with the customer manager.

2. Send samples and provide information to Yilian Testing.

3. Yilian Testing arranges product pre testing and synchronously organizes application materials.

4. After the product is predicted and tested, Yilian Testing submits samples to the Korean laboratory to obtain an official report

5. Submit the applicant's information and official report to the issuing agency to obtain the KC Safety certificate.


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